What Started All This?

It all started when I read the book, "The Message" by author Lance Richardson.

A family gave out similar cards to those they felt could use a small gift of love. The family gave their first card to a woman at the deli counter, who looked like she could really use the card. "What's this for?" the surprised worker questioned.

"It's for you. We just wanted you to know we care, and we hope you have a great day," they informed her.

The girl read the word's, broke into tears and raced into the backroom. Minutes later the girl came to them. "Here's your card back, I want you to be able to give it to someone else and make their day as you did mine. Thank you," she replied.

"Oh, no!" the family told her. "We have lots of them. You keep it."

As I was touched by that thoughfulness, I thought what a joy it would be to hand out these cards, so that others could feel joy, and therefore pass them to someone else, and so on and so on.

Then I realized what a joy it would be for others to share their story as they received and passed the cards on and on. Spreading the joy to others day by day. So, I got some cards, started the quest, and launched the site in November of 2009.

Of course we don't need to pass cards out to show someone we care about them. It's as simple as a smile, a thank you, telling someone good day as you pass by, or volunteering to help others.

If you received a care card from someone, choose the card # you received on the right side of this page and tell us your story. Post anonymously to the page if you wish.

Do you have others ways that you share that you care? Post your comment here on this page.

Spread the word, the joy, and the love of being there for each other.

May God Bless YOU!